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Thursday, 23 July 2009

ummm gee thanks Hillary but no THANKS!!!

There's been a sudden shift of focus from the US in regards to Iran's nuclear ambitions, the US has changed their position from warning Iran to not become nuclear armed, to stating that they will provide a defense umbrella over Mideast if the Iranians achieve a nuclear capability.

For those of you who doubt the Iranians are 'inches away' from having a nuclear weapon, you might be interested in the just released information from the German government "Germany's Spies Refuted the 2007 NIE Report" which total discredits the US intelligence communities assumptions that Iran is not actively seeking to build nuclear weapons.

Well, apart from the fact, that most people recognize that defensive principle of mutual assured destruction will not stop the Iranian theocracy from using nuclear missiles to wipe Israel off map in seconds, its good to know when the those missiles do come, Hillary Clinton will be busy stating that if there hadn't been 'communications glitches', then cities like Tel aviv would have been protected.
That's really soothing Hillary, when are you moving to Israel???

So when Iran sends nuclear missiles towards the highest densities cities in Israel then, as long as there are no 'glitches' such as the one which has stopped the launch of the intercepting missile because of the communications glitch three times this week then everything 'should be ok.

JERUSALEM — Israeli defense officials say three tests in the U.S. of a missile defense system meant to shield Israel from Iranian attack have been aborted over the past week.

They say an upgraded version of the already-deployed Arrow 2 was being tested off the coast of California. They say communication glitches between the missile and the radar led U.S. defense officials to abort.

They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to disclose details of the tests.

State-run Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. is producing the Arrow together with Chicago-based Boeing Co.

The defense officials say the Arrow 2 was meant to intercept a dummy Iranian Shihab missile. But they say U.S. officials stopped the launch of the intercepting missile because of the communications glitch.

Mr Bagel: Forget the 15 second warning you've got seconds to say goodbye to your loved ones!


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