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Monday, 1 October 2007

Cox and Forkum say goodbye

Cox and Forkum say goodbye

One of my favorite blogs is going to the big cartoonist strip in the sky, seems that Allen and John have called it quits.

Its a major loss for both the fight against terrorism and for supporters of Israel.

Allen and John do [did?] an exceptional job, Cox & Forkum cartoons are always on the cutting edge of what the real truth is, often before words can be expressed to describe a prevailing development its sentiment is communicated in a sharp take no prisoners way.

I liked these guys so much I've run an ad on my blog as a gesture, I was never asked, they're good and they deserved the recognition.

Its a sad day...

Read their goodbye here: Final Bow

Their final book collection, Black & White World IV is taking pre orders.

Kippertip: LGF