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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Youths desecrate Jewish Graves

Jewish cemetery vandalism suspect free on personal recognizance

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. --A teenager suspected of toppling dozens of gravestones at Jewish cemeteries in West Springfield has been released on personal recognizance.

A Hampden Superior Court judge ordered 19-year-old Michael Ouimet released into the custody of his father with electronic monitoring and other conditions.

Ouimet had been ordered held on $1 million bail in district court.

Authorities at first thought the vandalism was a hate crime because it occurred close to the high holy days, and nearby Catholic cemeteries were untouched.

Jewish cemeteries in West Springfield

But Ouimet's lawyer says there were no racist reasons for the actions, which were fueled by alcohol consumption.

A 16-year-old boy is also charged and authorities are searching for other suspects.

Mr Bagel: Well thats what you do when you're a teenager and you go drinking. It was just a coincidence that it was a Jewish Cemetery, a group of teenage thugs just happen to damage grave sites, and they all just happen to be Jewish.

But it wasn't a race crime, no, see the accused is really sorry, even though they're still looking for the other participants in this crime, he just happens to know none of them because they were complete strangers who just happen to share an interest in drinking at Jewish Cemeteries. (But not deliberately damaging them...)

Sure, and I've got some water side real estate to sell, but you have to look at it at a certain time of day...

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