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Thursday, 6 September 2007

Show your support for Obama
Two more Kipper designs available

Kipper tip: Voz iz Neias
New York, NY - You Could Show Your Support for Obama on Rosh Hashanah

If you have been keeping an eye on NY news you might have picked up on the latest hottest idea to come out of the Obama camp.

Voz iz Neias posted the story of the chance to have your very own Obama yarmulkes to show your support.

from Voz iz Neias

New York, NY - In a grass-roots effort to reach out to the Jewish community, New York supporters of Barack Obama have started selling so-called Obama-kahs, yarmulkes emblazoned with the campaign logo and "Obama 08."

"There are yarmulkes that profess people's favorite sports teams, people's favorite rock bands, cartoon characters," says Brooklynite Josh Bloom, a human rights consultant who helped think up the idea after seeing "Save Darfur" yarmulkes. He and others set up a Web site, and they say they've already sold 100 yarmulkes.

The Obama-kahs "are professionally made of ivory white suede" and cost $10 each, the Web site says. Order yours soon to get it in time for Rosh Hashanah! [washingtonpost]

From Bagel Design studios come these lovely matching themed Yarmulkes

For those of you who would like to show your support with out displaying a logo, there's a even newer design. It's succint to the point and leaves every one no doubt who and why your voting for Obama.

and showing the most sophisticated design and multitasking ability is the limited edition TinFoil kipper which is fantastic for not only letting people know you're in full support with Obama it comes in real handy stopping any radio waves which the Republicans may just be using to control your thoughts...

Please direct all inquiries for the two other Kipper designs to Obama's campaign office.

No animals where harmed making the Tinfoil Yarmulkes