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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

From the mouth of babes...

My daughter goes to a normal primary school at the moment, until we move to the city, due to our remoteness there is no option of choosing a Jewish school.

The community we live in, is a little rough and tumble. Most of the parents are working class or farmers, and they don't tend to 'beat about the bush'.

Unfortunately one of the pupils in my daughter's class is very disruptive. Admittedly its only a class for 7 year olds but this particular student is causing the whole class to suffer.

Many a letter has been sent home by the School Principal Mr 'BigToe* to this students parents, but unfortunately its plainly obvious where the student gets his disruptive behavior.

It seems today, the boy was just a little too vocal. In front of the class he loudly announced to his teacher that Mr F***ing 'BigToe*' could do certain things to himself.

Now its quite obvious where the boys language has come from, and when our daughter told us that 'Dennis*' [name changed for privacy reasons*] had announced to the class, a rude name about Mr 'Bigtoe' we were curious as to what he had said.

My wife asked her which the rude word was used, we unfortunately were very shocked at the word.

If there is a funny part to this story, it was the response the teacher gave to "Dennis' when he said Mr ****ing 'Bigtoe*', she invited him to go tell Mr Bigtoe* exactly what he had said.

Apparently with out blinking an eye, he marched into the School Principal's office and announced exactly what term of endearment he had overheard at home.

I'm curious about parent teacher night, the sad thing is I really don't expect the boy's parents will even make the effort.