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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Israel sends help to Greece

Israel sends aid to Greece

Fifty Israeli firefighters arrived in Greece this week to assist the Greek authorities in their effort to extinguish blazes raging throughout the country.

More than 60 people have been killed in dozens of fires. Kostas Karamanlis, the Greek Prime Minister, has declared the fires to be an unprecedented “national catastrophe”.

The authorities suspect the fires to be the work of arsonists.

The Israeli delegation, led by Moshe Suissa, the chief of the Jerusalem Fire Department, will concentrate their efforts on the Peloponnese, where large areas have been devoured by fire. In addition, doctors specialising in the treatment of burns are to remain on stand-by in Israel, ready to travel if Greece deems it necessary.

Bagelblogger: I watched the news of the Greek fires on a Australian Multicultural channel, it was a pleasant surprise to see the Greek news anchor had interviewed a volunteer Israeli Firefighter who was helping out. Often, one gets the feeling, that through 'editorial decisions' news which portrays Israel in a positive light seems to often end on the floor of the News room.

oh in the print and web media things were much the same as usual, AFP couldn't find any foreign firefighters in
the Peloponnese to photograph but they could find...

"Muslims living in Greece pray for rain, in solidarity to the Greek people, to extinguish the wildfires burning in the country 27 August 2007 outside the Peace and Friendship stadium in Piraeus. ..."

The Jewish Chronicles: Israel sends aid to Greece

1 Comment:

angie said...

Why shouldn't the Greek press interview an Israeli firefighter? I have been watching the Greek news from the start and following the fires. Israel was said to be one of the first countries to send help to the people of Greece.

We cannot forget the relationship of the Jews and Greeks since ancient times. Alexander the Great insisted the Jews of the time practice their faith and have the Torah translated to Greek. If it wasn't for him we would not be able to study the Torah in our native language.

Lets not forget also, the Greeks of Salonika. Many of them sacrificed their lives hiding Jews from the barbarian Nazis.

To this day Greece has museums and Synagogues honoring and respecting Jews of Greece. Greece is a peace loving country that invites all people of the world to share its culture, history and land.

PS. maybe they prayed for rain but it never came did it? :)