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Monday, 2 July 2007

Sicko? An injection of a little reality
Will we be left wanting Moore

With Michael Moore's film Sicko about to hit the theaters, I thought I might pass on a few apt thoughts.
It might come to surprise a lot of my readers but theres one thing that makes me not want to live in the United States, that's its health care system. Basically what you guys call a health care system we would call medical negligence.

My particular personal situation has meant one of my young children has had to have very extensive and costly operations of which would have been way beyond my means. She now is one very happy and healthy active child going to school like any other.

But if I had lived in the United States, would I have got the medical care for my child that I got living in Australia? The simple truth is unless I was one of the privileged few, my daughter's life would have been under serious threat.

Now I'm fairly conservative, I make no bones about it, but when it comes to health care, I find it morally incomprehensible that you could reject some ones health needs simply because they don't have the 'right' health cover, or the right job or come from the right side of the railway.

I'm not a particular fan of Michael Moore's but I've got a feeling the Health Industry is going to be paying a lot more attention to this topic than it would to you or I if we were in a waiting queue for medical services.

There's my dimes worth.