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Friday, 6 July 2007

A Question of Balance?
The Times enters the Middle East market

I think most of you who ever read me, will know the relative scorn I hold towards the BBC in its blatant bias against Israel in reporting on subjects within in the Middle East.

Whilst most are quick to put this down to a 'leftist sub culture' that is pervasive with the BBC, Im not so quick to look for the simple 'justification'. In my opinion its just as driven by market economics as it is by an undercurrent of liberalism which makes up the current BBC.

The BBC has grand plans for its Middle East reporting it sees it as a major segment in the market which it until recently had little penetration.

I've always felt the BBC's apparent anti Israel bias was driven by the desire to place itself within the hearts and minds of its Arab demographic.

It seems that the Times group are beginning their foray into the Middle East market.
A quick scan of the articles pertaining to the Middle East reveals at the moment a healthy amount of skepticism shown for all sides of both politics and national borders.

Its only hoped the Times can maintain this skepticism without compromising to market forces.

Make sure you check out the Times foray into the Middle East:

The Times in the Middle East

Let's hope they at least bring some balance to the reporting.