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Friday, 1 June 2007

Controversial cartoons from Jyllands Posten

Review of Middle East Cartoons Blog:

I came across a great blog called Middle East Cartoons. The author posts cartoons which appear in the Middle East press or have Middle East perspectives and themes. The author adds their own unique insight into what they think the cartoons are trying to convey. I throughly recommend you have a look.

They reviewed the controversial series of cartoons from Denmark below:

This is the now notorious series of Mohammed cartoons that appeared in Jyllands Posten newspaper in Denmark and has sparked all this Muslim outrage around the world.
mohammed cartoon from Jyllands Posten
This is the first Mohammed cartoon originally published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten. This is what all the outrage is about. Not sure what this Mohammed cartoon is meant to say.
mohammed cartoon from Denmark
I think this cartoon about Mohammed is meant to say something about the reversal of roles in Muslim society and perhaps the hiding behind Islam of terrorists.
Danish mohammed cartoon
This next cartoon in the infamous Mohammed cartoonn series is really ironic. Here is an artist hiding while drawing a cartoon of Mohammed to avoid being terrorised. Now isn't that exactly what has happened?
mohammed cartoons
From what I understand this Mohammed cartoon basically says "Wait don't worry, they are only Danish infidels. Please correct me if I am wrong.
mohammad cartoon from Danish newspaper
I have absolutely no idea what this cartoon is saying about Mohammad or Islam. Please tell me if you understand.
mohammad cartoons from newspaper
In another version of this Mohammad cartoon I saw a caption that said the Mohammad being referred to was actually a boy in class and not the Muslim prophet. Comments?
mohammad cartoons from Jyllands Posten
This next one of the Mohammad cartoons talks about womans freedom (or lack thereof) in Islam and makes some sort of comparison to other religions while addressing Mohammad.
mohammad cartoons
This Mohammad cartoon I think is actually a stab at one of the artists who drew the cartoons about how this can all ultimately be viewed as a publicity stunt. Talk about bad publicity, doubt they envisioned worldwide Muslim riots over these Mohammad cartoons.
muhammed cartoons
I think this Muhammed cartoon is meant to compare Muhammed to Jesus, with the horns on Muhammed being the obvious add in. Not sure, tell me what you think.
muhammed cartoon
This cartoon of Muhammed from Jyllands Posten is exactly the type of thing that the Muslims around the world are so upset about. It knocks their beliefs in a middle east cartoon and depicts Muhammed - 2 big no no's! 2 questions I have heard in the past regarding the virgins promised to Muslim terrorists for killing innocent people are 1)how many virgins are there, if each terrorist (martyr according to some) gets one and 2)what do the women terrorists get?
Danish muhammed cartoons
This one of the Muhammed cartoons is a bit strange and the message evades me, but apparently translates as "I don't recognise him". Something about all these different people looking or being the same as Muhammed with turbans on. Opinions please!
muhammed cartoons from Jyllands Posten
This is one of the Muhammed cartoons that has been referred to the most in this recent spate of outrage by Muslims worldwide (by the way since when is outrage at a foreign newspaper an excuse for voilence and destruction in other countries?). This particular cartoon about Muhammed really offended Muslims becauase it is a direct depiction of Muhammed (and Islam) being violent and promoting violence and death. Draw your own conclusions!

The original source of this post is Middle East Cartoons

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