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Thursday, 31 May 2007

The Mystery Blogger Series No #2
9 JBloggers Reveal a Photo of themselves!

The Second Mystery Blogger Series is Up!

This is # 2 in the Series

Ok You are about to see the photos of another nine Jbloggers some of them Very well known, some not as well known. Now there's a little twist in the series, seems I've mixed up the names of the Bloggers and their Blog site addresses.

Now this is the Second lot of Jbloggers, and Mr Bagel thinks the first lot were bad enough, seems this lot of Bloggers look like they should be on wanted posters rather than blogging.

Are you up to the task?
Think you know all nine?
Well go to Mr Bagel Contests
or click on the link up the top menu that says 'QUIZ'