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Sunday, 27 May 2007

A Brand New Blog:
A Brand New Life;
Making Aliyah soon!


Seems they've made a decision to make Aliyah.

"I am applying for our passports next week and as soon as I get them, we are going to apply with Nefesh b'Nefesh so that the process will be underway. By this time 2008, I expect for us to be olim chadashim, living and working in the land that is our inheritance from Hashem."

I'll let Rejewvenation share the good news.

But I couldn't help but notice one little point Gavi made.

Israel is waiting for you ... What are
you waiting for?

NB: Address was updated from Re-Jew-Venate to Rejewvenation


Gavi said...

Todah Mr. Bagel!

I was just checking out your site. You have an awesome blog!!! I've got so much to learn about making a great blogging site.

Sara with NO H said...

I think that's so awesome and brave. I applaud people that can take such a huge step..or leap.

rabbi sedley said...

I have already seen the bad follow up news to this post on re-jew-venate. Don't let them get you down. Never give up! Never surrender (to quote from 'Galaxy Quest'). Aliya is a fantastic move, and though it has to be done sensibly, Israel is the place for all Jews. Let me know if I can help you in any way!
Good luck

Gavi said...

Thank you, Rabbi Sedley, I will definitely like to correspond with you. I need to figure out how to make this work.

Thank you again Mr. Bagel for highlighting my post. I have a feeling this will be what helps me to obtain making aliyah.


Gavi said...

Mr. Bagel,

Any chance you can update my link? I just found out that there is another blog Rejuvenate and I didn't mean for mine to be exactly the same as someone else's. So it's now Rejewvenation.

http://www.rejewvenation.net or

Thank you!!!