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Sunday, 15 April 2007

PAKISTAN: Fatwa on Female Minister for hugging man

Islamabad, 10 April (AKI/Asian Age) - An unofficial Taliban styled Sharia (Islamic) court in the heart of the Pakistani capital Islamabad has issued a fatwa (religious decree) against the federal minister for tourism Nilofar Bakhtiar for hugging a French man at a tourist resort in Normandy (France).

Last week, after completing a successful para-jump from an aircraft, the minister joyfully hugged her French partner. Bakhtiar toured France on the invitation of Alpine Club and visited a number of resorts in a bid to attract tourists for Pakistan. Bakhtiar said that the reports of her hugging a French man had been misrepresented.
The minister had carried out the jump to raise funds for earthquake victims in Pakistan-administered-Kashmir.
In its first fatwa since being established in Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) last Friday, the Sharia court condemned what it called an un-Islamic act of Bakhtiar with the French man "during her para-jump adventure in France".
Here comes the Fruit loop brigade... Dont worry about the fact the minister was busy doing volunteer work, jumping out of an Airplane to raise funds, no its far more efficent to focus on the fact she hugged an elderly man. Thats the real sign she isnt deserving of G_d's love.
"The act on part of the minister has carried disgrace for the (Pakistani) nation, the entire Muslim Ummah (nation), which no religion or honourable person allows," stated the fatwa, a copy of which was made available to select media.
I would have thought that this ridiculous Fatwa has brought more disgrace to the nation.
As for Disgracing the entire Muslim nation, well I would think there are far worse acts than this, which should have brought disgrace to the Muslim Ummah.
The fatwa demands that the government immediately remove the minister from her office and proposes to "equally punish her". It also urges the minister to "beg forgiveness from Allah almighty" and asks her relatives to compel her to do so. The three-page fatwa bears the seal of Mufti Mohammed Younus of Darul Ifta, Central Jamia Masjid, Islamabad.
The Fatwas demands that people should realise what a fruit cake this Mufti is. If any one needs to beg forgiveness I suspect it might be this Mufti, allowing his rampant ego to allow him to think he should decide who needs forgiveness from G_d.
The fatwa has been issued "against a question raised after photographs of the minister appeared in newspapers showing her hugging her French partner after a para-jump at a tourist resort in Normandy province of France."
Yes we all know that muslim photographers never lie don't we. Theres no chance that the minister may have been photographed to appear closer to the gentleman. They could always 'correct' it with Photoshop.
The Mufti also quoted different verses from the Koran (the Muslim holy book) and Hadidh (Prophet Mohammed’s sayings) indicating that "Islam does not allow such actions from a Muslim woman with a non-Muslim man".
Quoted different verses, yes I'm sure there's a verse that covers
the federal minister for tourism Nilofar Bakhtiar for hugging a French man. Its probably in the diplomatic relations with the French and dhimmification section.
Pakistan's six-party religious alliance, Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) has also filed a motion in the National Assembly seeking action against the minister on what they called an un-Islamic act.
Yes and what was more shocking than the friendly hug was she was actively raising money for charitable causes, the Shame! We can't have any of that loving each other stuff!
On her part, the federal minister has defended her position saying that the media exaggerated the issue by presenting the "wrong side of the picture". "I hugged an over aged man who is even older than my father," she responded to the clerics’ objections. In Islamabad, civil society organisations have strongly condemned so-called declaration of Sharia by the administration of Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa seminary.
An over aged man, mmm so this suggests because the man was very much older than her, that there was absolutely no chance of any kind of connotation of a sexual nature being involved.
What sort of freak would bring a sexual connotation to a situation between two people of such differing ages, hey Aisha? sorry I meant
Chairperson Progressive Women Association (a non-governmental organisation), Shehnaz Bukkari said that neither Islam nor the constitution allows a group to impose its will on the majority through force.
Are we talking about the same Islam? .."
allows a group to impose its will on the majority through force."
She said action should be taken to rein in extremist elements who were taking law into their hands.
No procrastinate a while longer, the Mufti needs some more time to defeat any pretense of an independent judicial system.
"We do not want Talibanisation in the country," she asserted. Naeem Mirza of Aurat Foundation condemned interference in private lives of people and intrusion into their homes as well as unlawful use of local FM radio waves for propaganda by Jamia Hafsa.
Brings a whole new meaning to ' a radio shock Jock'.

He called for due legal action against administration of Lal Masjid-Jamia Hafsa for setting up the so-called Sharia court and parallel judicial system, which "is a constitutional violation".
Now thats sounds a little progressive! Whats wrong with a good old alternative Sharia court, nothing to lose your heads about people.
President General Pervez Musharraf has said that he will not allow Talibanisation of Pakistan. Himself a strong advocate of enlightened moderation, Musharraf said a handful of people do not have a right to impose any system in the country.
Unfortunately you need to say that to the handful of people who think they do have that very right.

Aki/Asian Age: Source