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Thursday, 19 April 2007

Ismail Ax: What it really means!
Trying to understand the senslessness

The Web has been running hot with people
trying to figure out what 'Ismail - Ax' stands for

I couldn't understand the frenzy that bloggers all around the world have been trying to decipher/discover what Ismail Ax stands for.
It was written in red on Seung-hui Cho's arm as he went rampaging expressing his hate for the world.

The revelation of the delivered package and its contents, and that he seems to have been suffering some sort of paranoiac delusion involving the figure Christ has added further conjecture.

He states in one of the videos that:
You thought it was one pathetic boy’s life you were extinguishing. Thanks to you, I die like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and the defenseless people.
What a lot of people haven't been able to find out is, why he has chosen to spell the word 'Ismail Ax'.

I 'd like to put it to you that there's a possibility he hasn't misspelled the word, being on his arm it may have been partly illegible.

I believe it may have been read incorrectly.

Remembering that Cho was born in South Korea and that his writing shows a certain resistance to the adaption of English, not forsaking he has shown terrible spelling.

The real clue has come in the picture of the delivery packet he sent to NBC New York.

This is the delivery envelope as received by N.B.C in New York

If you look closely you can make out that the spelling is far closer to the biblical reference than first thought.

If you look closely you will see it spells Ishm[]el with the [] being the only letter that could be debatable.

I have asked a few fellow bloggers to gauge their reaction and some see an ' i ' and others see an ' a '.
The reason I believe some see an 'i' is because there is a dot above where the letter[] appears. This makes us believe its an 'i'. But its a funny 'i' at that. If you simply ignore the dot it looks very much like an 'a'.

Why would you chose to ignore the dot? Well you chose to ignore the dot above the V and A, V'A. You also chose to ignore the dot above the number 8, the last of the two eights has a dot above it.

If you compare the complexity of Korean writing, with its small specifically placed strokes, and his rather 'messy' style of writing then it is easy to conclude that he may actually rest his pen, as he writes causing the sporadic dot.

I think its probably fair conjecture that, although the videos and photographs may have been done in the days/weeks preceding, this delivery envelope was most likely written the very morning that he had already shot dead two people.

Its not surprising that the writing may not be perfect, I think most can already feel confident that Cho was undergoing some sort of massive mental breakdown/ paranoiac episode.

Now that we can see that it isn't:
Ismail Ax
Ismale Ax
Ismail Ak

Let every one find the 'hidden' meaning of Ishmael Ax

ABC news provides an insight:

"A similar name, Ishmael, is widely known as the name of the eldest son of Abraham, father of the Israelites. He appears in the Christian, Muslim and Islamic faiths,*[sic] and his character is both revered and criticized throughout all three religions."

In Strong's Concordant dictionary, ABC points out that :
the name "Ishmael" literally translates as "God will hear."

Seems the biblical story of Ishmael returning to the temple and smashing all the statues to save the city, may have come true for Cho.

It's a pity the statues were people with Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, and Uncles and Aunts and Friends.

I ask my self, could a disturbed individual leaving this earth, cause more pain than what this person Seung-hui Cho has caused?

I hope the families some how find peace.

Unfortunately those seeking and trying to find the reason why, are bound to be disappointed, there is no clearly definable reason here, there's just the horrible realisation that 32 innocent people, who have done nothing wrong are now dead.

'Ismail - Ax': Breaking the Riddle
Chicago Tribune: Many theories for 'Ismail Ax'
*[SIC] as per original ABC article

Picture Credits:
NBS News


Steve Decatur said...

Mr Bagel, one thing i have to say here. The Ismail Ax spelling is what the media said was tattooed on his arm in red. We have not seen that one yet and probably won't for a long time. The theory I posed earlier this morning is more plausible which is that A. Ishmael is actually Ahmad Ishmael. Axmad is how the Asians spell the Arabic Ahmad. Cho must have used the name Ax as a nickname instead of Ahmad.

doug said...

Actually I've already found the reason why. He had islamo-fascist thoughts implanted in his head, and later via mental changes and psychosis, eventually acted it all out.
His tirade against rich kids, drinking, gold chains, and sexuality, is pure islamo-fascist in nature, as I'm sure is the Ismail Ax and A. Ishmael.
Note that they won't reveal his religion although admitting he tirades against it also in the letter, and they edited out a lot of his video tirade.
What don't they want us to know?

Mottel said...

Very well put together . . .
Your story of Ishmael returning to break the statues escapes me though.
Perhaps he saw in himself the role of Ishmael, an out cast from society.

Mr Bagel said...

STEVE: You've got a good arguement there Steve.

DOUG: I think you might be right, I agree its importnat not to have lynch mobs runn ing around, but at the same time why was it appropiate to mention the JC reference if not any Muslim ref?

MOTTEL: I think he became 'dehumaized' and hence treated the 32 victims as 'dehumanized forms' to be destroyed like icons', a very severly disturbed person.
Incredibly Sad

Aaron [Mr Bagel]