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Sunday, 18 February 2007

Condoleezza Rice Rap Song: Just When you thought you had seen it all

Speechless! What goes Snap Crackle and Pop? Condi Rice of course!

Condilicious gets down and grooves, Watch out Grammys.

If the Video fails to Play Click:

Inspired by Fergie: Fergalicious

Things you might not know about Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice:

  • Condi's name is derived from the Italian musical expression, Con dolcezza, which translates as "with sweetness".

  • Rice was only three when she began learning French, music, figure skating and ballet.

  • Condileeza grew up in Alabama, surrounded by racists policies and white supremacists.

  • Condileeza's Father was a Presbyterian minister.

  • At age 15, Condi had aspirations of being a concert pianist, she began music classes at the Aspen Music Festival and School.

  • Rice has made use of her pianist training to accompany cellist Yo-Yo Ma for Brahms's Violin Sonata in D Minor at Constitution Hall in April 2002 for the National Medal of Arts Awards, she has also played at other notable events.

  • Rice also performed Brahms's Sonata in D Minor, 2nd Movement, with famed Malaysian violinist Mustafa Fuzer Nawi (conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra) at the Gala Dinner of the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on July 27, 2006.

  • Rice works up to 16 hours a day and relaxs playing piano.

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