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Friday, 15 September 2006

No Thanks, I think I'll head in this direction

I went for a walk around the native bushland that surrounds my house.

I felt like I needed to clear my head.

Seeing the violence on the TV from the war was disturbing,
living in Australia of course meant that the violence
did not present any tangible threat to my own safety,
but never the less it was troubling.

I came across another violence in the last week.

A far more subtle violence, yet more insidious.

More evasive.

More intangible.

A violence that can be just as dangerous to one self as living in a warzone.

In fact it could be called the 'other war zone'.

What have I done online this week?

I blogged about Surviving being dead.
[Violent theme]

and..about Gilad Shalit's release
[Another form of violence]

and..about the Fog of War
[somewhat violent]

and.. about Old Entebbe Terminal
[violent element but with a remembrance theme]

and.. about Releasing the prisoners 'without' blood on their hands
[Violent - in the not too distant future for sure]

and.. how an Al Qaida cell targeted the Oslo Synagogue

and.. about Hezbollah Demands Release of a Terrorist Child Murderer
[Very violent theme, very evil individual]

and.. Is this the Dawson Campus Shooter?
[Very Violent, psychopathic anger]

I then proceeded to read the online journal of this man, Kimveer Gill.

and came to the conclusion (if you can 2 days later..?)
that he was a Columbine Copy Cat
[Very Violent, psychopathic anger]

A Personal Journal that is in reality a personal voyage into pure hatred.

Full of Anger.. Full of Violence.. Full of hate.. Full of Despair

Full of the most extreme negativity and admiration for violence.

I pride my self on being objective.

Thinking Like a surgeon.

I don't like the sign of blood but I deal with it.

The blood, the gore it's necessary to get to a positive result.

I imagine you disassociate yourself from the gore
when your operating, and do the best you can.

Where's the positive result in reading the Kimveer Gill's Journal?

I disassociated myself from Kimveer Gill's gore
whilst I was reading. In an attempt to come to an understanding. Of how an individual could fall so far into the abyss. I used my best flash light I had, my intellect and
stared into the darkness looking for the ultimate meaning.

There was none.

Only the realisation that thousands of adolescents
are on this same particular forum all trying
to out do each others hate, and sociopathy.

I need a shower.

I have a feeling next week I might just blog about
things a little more positive and non violent.

Seems my best flash light might not be my intellect,
but rather something else.

It might just be knowing from within whats dark and light.

Whats right and wrong.

I'm not blogging as late on this Friday afternoon.

I'm going for another walk.........

Good Shabbos



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