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Friday, 26 October 2007

There's been a short break in Transmission...

We shall continue with our normal programming...

Whats the last thing you expect after 2 days of unexpected Power outage, one day of a planned outage and a half day delay in repairing another power outage?

Finally 2 am this morning the power came back on and Mr Bagel who had decided sleeping was the most productive behavior to be achieved in an environment with no power, no water and no functioning WC decided to finally log onto his computer and type a few thoughts for a post.

After four power interruptions in two weeks, whats the last thing you imagine might happen after not having power for half a day? Thats right the power went of again.. Arrggh!!

Any way the electricity company seems to have made a mistake and the power is back on, so hopefully we shall be able to return to normal programming..