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Sunday, 21 October 2007

Kelly Slater detained by Israeli police

Leonardo DiCaprio - Bar Rafaeli - Kelly Slater

Israeli police detained eight-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater after a scuffle with photographers who were trying to take pictures of him with Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli, police said.

Israeli photographers were waiting outside as Rafaeli and the American surfer left a hotel in the Tel Aviv suburb of Herzliya before dawn, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. In an effort to prevent the cameramen from taking pictures, Slater pushed them, a photographer at the scene told Channel Two TV.

"A brawl broke out and Slater was taken for questioning and later released," Rosenfeld said.

It was not the first time foreign guests of Rafaeli have scuffled with journalists. Earlier this year Rafaeli and her then-boyfriend, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, created a media storm when he visited her in Israel. After eluding journalists for days, the pair was met by a group of waiting photographers when they toured Jerusalem.

Their bodyguards scuffled with photographers, punching some and damaging equipment. Rafaeli later told an Israeli newspaper she wouldn't bring anyone famous to Israel "because there is a chutzpah here that you won't see anywhere else".

Israeli media has reported the two have broken up recently.

Refaeli is reportedly in Israel for a photo shoot to appear in next year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

Slater, who is of Syrian descent, was visiting Israel for the first time as part of efforts by the group, Surfing for Peace, to promote reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians through the sport.

Slater decided to extend his trip to Israel by one day Channel Two TV reported.

Mr Bagel: Yawn, and then theres actually things that matter....

Seems Bar Rafaeli's promise to avoid visiting Israel with any of her celebrity friends didn't last long... like her ex boyfriend. Wouldn't it just be simpler to get a good publicist?


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Quite a poor picture of Bar R., I have to say. Take a peek at my place...


Jeremy Jacobs said...

She is gorgeous