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Monday, 10 September 2007

The ever increasing wave of Antisemitism

Rabbi stabbed on street in Frankfurt bank quarter

FRANKFURT - A 42-year-old rabbi was stabbed in an attack near Germany's financial district in Frankfurt, police said yesterday.

The police said the rabbi, who managed to get to a nearby hospital after the attack, had been approached on a street in Frankfurt's upscale Westend quarter on Friday by a man he believed was speaking Arabic.

When the rabbi stopped to ask the man what he wanted, the assailant pulled out a pocket knife, uttered a death threat in German and stabbed him in the abdomen. The assailant and two women with him then fled the scene of the attack.
The police said the rabbi, who is a member of the local Jewish community, was operated on in hospital shortly after the 8:30 P.M. attack and the injuries were not critical.

Roland Koch, prime minister of the German federal state of Hessen, where Frankfurt is located, called it a "perfidious act."

Such knife attacks on streets in Germany are exceptionally rare, although there have been some isolated incidents of Jews being assaulted in Berlin in recent years.

Apparently a reward has been announced from the State prosecutors office of 2000Euro (US$3000) for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator.

Update: The Rabbi is in stable condition after an operation. Readers are asked to say Tehillim for Schneur Zalman ben [son of] Chana for a complete and speedy recovery.