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Monday, 21 May 2007

The Israeli airstrikes have destroyed a 6-month-old truce...
A.P. starts the Spin Again

Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat, right,
and Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres, left,
took part in the World Economic Forum in South Shuneh, Jordan.

By DALE GAVLAK, Associated Press Writer Sun May 20

SOUTHERN SHUNEH, Jordan - Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres said Sunday his government would offer a counterproposal to an Arab peace initiative to resolve the conflict with Palestinians.

He urged Arab leaders to meet with Israel to hash out the issue.

Describe the Arab peace Plan as an Initiative, the Israeli one as a 'counter proposal', some would say thats an example of loaded language.
Arab countries have been trying to re-ignite the stalled peace process with their plan that offers Israel full recognition in exchange for a total withdrawal from lands it captured in the 1967 Middle East war and the creation of a Palestinian state.
Re-ignite the peace process? By lighting and firing hundreds of qassam rockets into Israel?
"The Arab League has proposed, fine. We will make a counterproposal," Peres said during heated discussions that included Moussa and Saeb Erekat, a top aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, at the World Economic Forum in Jordan.He did not elaborate on the counteroffer or say when it would be proposed.

Shock, horror, an A.P. journalist isn't included or privy to Israel's peace proposal...

Peres‘ offer coincided with a new outburst of violence in the Gaza Strip over the past week with a combination of Palestinian factional fighting and Israeli airstrikes on the Islamic militant group Hamas that has killed scores of Palestinians. The airstrikes, in reprisal for Hamas rocket attacks on Israel, have destroyed a 6-month-old truce between Israel and the Palestinians.
"...and Israeli airstrikes on the Islamic militant group Hamas that has killed scores of Palestinians",... gee that kind of makes it sound like the scores of killed Palestinians are Israel's fault. It would be more accurate to state the fact that the warring Palestinian factions are responsible for the more deaths than the Israeli airstrikes by a factor of over ten.
But the proposal has remained grounded with the Palestinian infighting in Gaza and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert‘s domestic problems after his handling of a summer war with Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon was sharply criticized. "If there is a counteroffer and a reasonable one, then we‘re all in business," he said.
...bit of padding here, to bulk up a rather poorly written puff piece.

"Mr. Peres, our negotiations have finished. ... Today, it‘s time for decisions," Erekat said. "Stop the bombardment of Gaza immediately and restart the truce between us immediately. We are willing to engage now in sustaining the cease-fire."
Stop the bombardment of Gaza? Why is it that when your busy Bombarding Israel cities such as Sderot we never here you say 'stop the bombardment', but as soon as you happen to eventually get return fire, you scream stop the bombardment? Why are you willing to engage now in sustaining the cease-fire?

You've had over six months to stop the continual barrage of rockets being fired apon Israel. The Palestinians have broken the cease fire so many times its beyond a joke. Tell me Erekat, exactly how many of the hundreds upon hundreds or rockets fired apon Israel have you tried to stop? How many Terrorist did you manage to catch? How many rockets have you seized? but now you want the return fire to stop?
"When I see what is going on in the occupied territories, and what is being said by other officials I really find myself at a loss," he said. "Who is speaking for the state of Israel?"
A better question would be, who is acting to stop the continual barrage of rockets from Gaza into Israel? We're supposed to believe you want peace but you can't even enforce a cease fire?!!
In Jerusalem, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev declined to comment because he had not heard Peres‘ proposal. Even though Israel sees the Arab initiative as "very positive," he predicted it would remain grounded.
More puff to try to infer the Israeli's dont want peace. Its not they dont want peace, they want it on fair and Just terms.
"Israel has no interest in stagnation and unfortunately, if the Arab initiative is take it or leave it, that will be a recipe for stagnation," Regev said.

Your offer is unacceptable, stop acting like the school bully demanding and making unreasonable requests. Show some level of compromise and Israel will reciprocate.
Peres adviser Yoram Dori also would not give details on the counterproposal or a timetable for its submission to the Arab League and Saudi Arabia.
Not suprising considering you're from the AP? I have a funny feeling Israel doesn't see AP as an essential element in peace negotiations.
"Our government, our Cabinet will discuss it, and we will submit our proposal to the Arab League and to the Saudis," he said.
and not to A.P. first... no surprise there.

Yes the Palestinians are very ready and willing to trade pieces as part of the piece process.
Erekat urged Israel to "solve the thorny issues" including the future status of Jerusalem and Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories. If Israel doesn‘t cooperate, he warned the region would be doomed.
Which put another way is: Agree to the demands of the Arab states, or will will try to destroy your very existance.
"If we leave things to conflicts and wars and settling differences by bombardments and wars we will go into the 21st century in the vehicles of darkness and extremism," he said.
Yes, and unfortunately this describes Hamas in Palestine very well.

DALE GAVLAK: You should be ashamed at the facade you called Journalism.

USA Today: Israel to offer counterproposal to Arab peace initiative, Peres says