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Monday, 21 May 2007

Israel warns Ukraine on anti-Semitism

Israel's ambassador in Kiev said the activities of a Ukrainian university with a history of anti-Semitism could damage Ukrainian-Israeli relations.

Zina Kalai-Kleitman urged Ukraine on Wednesday to curb the anti-Semitic activities of MAUP, a private business-type school that in recent years has become the major source of anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli activity and publications in Ukraine.

"We want only positive dynamics in Israeli-Ukrainian relations, but this unhealthy issue can have a negative influence" on relations, Kalai-Kleitman told a news conference in Kiev.

BB: If your wondering what all the drama is about this 'Bastion of higher learning' lets look at one particular PHD graduate of this obviously prestigious University, Yes its no other than David Puke.

If that's not to turn your stomach, guess who was invited to lecture at MAUP
Yes you guess it David Puke Phd.

1 Comment:

Canadian Salmon said...

MR Bagel this doesnt shock me one bit. Ukraine was always anti-semitic.