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Friday, 2 March 2007

mmm Should I post it? This has to be the weirdest advert I've seen
If not the cross promotion was!

In the realm of the truly bizarre, I present this [adults only] concept for you.

This ad, for the River City Bagel & Bakery in Boise, Idaho, reportedly ran in the Boise Weekly, vol 15 issue 36.

Ok, I was going to use this ad for my caption contest, but ahem, its a little too risky so I'll let you have the caption fun.

Background: It turns out The Vagina Monologues was playing in at the Boise State. And if that wasn't bizarre whough if you went to the Vagina Monologues, and kept your ticket stub you got the chance to swap it for a nice new shiny, err, silver bullet err, proximity massager.

Which explains the hole in the bagels?

Now there seems to be a bit of background to this story which may explain the rather poorly picked comparison. Re: Advertising Mistake Makes Boise Bagels Very Sexy

Which explains why these formally not so busy bagel bakery is now 'rather busy'.

Right: River City Bagel & Bakery


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