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Thursday, 8 February 2007

Reporting or Anti Semitism? The Telegraph dips to new lows Jewish Blood Libel

The UK Telegraph carries a story this morning, which in essence appears to support Jewish Blood Libel. They quote a Jewish Academics claims in his book.

Professor outrages Jews with book claim

Jewish Professor Ariel Toaff is claimed to have written

"In the book, Prof Toaff describes the multilation [sic] and crucification of a two-year-old boy to recreate Christ's execution at Pesach, the Jewish Easter. The festival marks the fleeing of the Jews from Egypt and Prof Toaff says Christian blood was used for "magic and therapeutic practices."

In some cases the blood was mixed with dough to make the azzimo, unleavened bread, eaten at Pesach.

He says the acts took place in northern Italy, around the city of Trento in German-speaking areas that border modern-day Austria.

Prof Toaff bases his book on confessions he says came from Jews captured and put on trial for the practice, which took place from 1100 and 1500."

Apparently it takes the UK Telegraph 25 lines of text to convey that this 'new evidence' is based on evidence provided through medieval torture.

Jewish Leaders in Rome replied

"There has never existed in the Jewish tradition any ritual involving human blood. It is improper to use the declarations extracted under torture hundreds of years ago to construct theories as original as they are aberrant."

Is this pathetic pandering to elements of a racist readership?

Historically there is a case of accusation of Jewish Blood Libel that occured in Trentino, Italy 1475.

Wikipedia states;

"Simon of Trent, aged two, disappeared, and his father alleged that he had been kidnapped and murdered by the local Jewish community. Fifteen local Jews were sentenced to death and burned. Simon was regarded as a saint, and was canonized by Pope Sixtus V in 1588. His status as a saint was removed in 1965 by Pope Paul VI, though his murder is still promoted as a fact by a handful of extremists."

It surprises me the Telegraph didn't use this detail, it rounds of a rather tasty story for those growing number of Brits which are so fond of Anti Semitism, why even 15 Jews died, thats got to be worth an increase in circulation and an extra dollop of cream.


Telegraph:Professor outrages Jews with book claim

Wikipedia: Jewish Blood Libel

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