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Saturday, 10 February 2007

100 Deadly Reasons not to go To School One Hundred Qassams fired since the Ceasefire declared

Oh! They're only 'home made' rockets tooled in metal workshops in Gaza and the Westbank. They aren't able to be accurately targeted. They have just as much chance of plowing into a school classroom as they do any perceived military target.

'They don't hurt as much when they kill you.'

Palestinian Terrorists have fired 103 Qassams
as per Saturday 9pm. 10th Febuary 2007 Israel time

During the so called 'CeaseFire'

The Palestinians, who only desire peace. Since the commencement of the 'Ceasefire' they have managed to fire over 103 Qassams. They must have gone of accidentally. To put it in context can you imagine citizens in your town getting away with firing 103 Qassams and not being able to be caught? Yes you and me know it's balderdash, they are fired with little chance the terrorists will be arrested, imprisoned, charged or persecuted.
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Masked gunmen hold homemade rockets during an
Islamic Jihad press conference. Nov. 23, 2006

The very same Authority that pleads that it needs money from the UN for food, wages, but still manages to smuggle in thousands of rounds of ammunition through Egypt is incapable of arresting the very terrorist it supports.

The leaders of Fatah and Hamas are War criminals plain and simple.


If your lucky enough to live in an area that isn't at the moment at risk of Qassam fire, say you nicely laid out dinner table in your house in Britain, The US, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, New Zealand... Basically most places in the civilized world except parts of Israel, well think about this.

You're sitting at your dinner table, the children, Nana and Pa, some close friends are having a nice relaxing time, free from the worries of the day and suddenly, a split second later you hear the roar of the sirens.

All your guests, and your sleep deprived children could be dead in the next 15 seconds unless you manage to reach your strong room.

If you don't have a strong room, well you can put you hands over you face and prey your children don't die.

Welcome to the Ceasefire.

As a resident of Sderot conveyed to me,

the policy of "we cease they fire"

Don't worry though, desert looks nice.

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