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Monday, 2 October 2006

I think I'm addicted

I think I have an addiction. For those that know a little about me you would know I live 400kms from the nearest major town. Well I'm in that 'major town' right now. Sydney, Australia.


I can help it 24 hours later and I'm with shakes signing into my first internet cafe.
Its weird, its a dark dingy den of suspicious looking characters, who feverishly scan the horizon as they quickly type their oh so important messages. I hear a symphony of tapping from the plenitude of keyboards.
There's the Swedish guy who said 'I dunno know', I don't 'vork' here, ask the guy at the 'vont'.

Problem is the guy at the front should be on his computer doing online english lessons.

The guy next to me seems to be sending a rather important email, he's busy typing with passion, at the end of each sentence there is a hard thud, as he concludes his thoughts.
Is it a lover that has 'left' him?, his mother who he must leave the obligatory 'I'm ok', I don't know but he seems as though he's annoyed.
Behind me the guy there seems to be more pre occupied with his mobile phone, maybe his trying to get a lost phone number I don't know.

Its weird, I can't believe how fast the connection is I'm on at this place, I suppose its like most places in the 'city' [big smoke] is the term we 'country hicks use'.

I 'm having serious withdrawal symptoms. No matter how many times I go back to 'greetings from french hill' it just doesn't do it.
I want my New bright and shiny Haveil Havalim.
Apparently the Gremlins have got into Abbagav's blog at his old address and he has been forced to get a new blog. Its located here: Abbagav

Whilst on harping on about my favorite blog carnival I'd also like to mention the great job that Muse does co-ordinating the Kosher Cooking Carnival.

If you have a look at my blog on the left side about 2/3 rds down I've created 4 new tiny buttons.
There is:
Haveil Havalim
Kosher Cooking Carnival.
Haveil Havalim Archive and
Kosher Cooking Carnival Archive

I made the groovy little buttons, I haven't actually told the co ordinators this yet, but umm Soccer Dad and Muse ..I've made some buttons.
The great thing about these buttons is that they link to the appropiate pages.
The thin button goes to the latest location of the appropiate carnival i.e. HH or KCC the archive buttons shows previous history/editions of the carnival.

If any one wants to use them, feel free, I'd rather you host the little pictures on your own hosting but hey thats up to you.
Any way the Chines guy at the front desk has said my time is up, so bye for now.


Please leave coments, I miss the connection my blog provides, I'll try to reply in the next day or two.

BagelBlogger Have a nice day!
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