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Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Bagelblogger drops a bombshell

I had a huge day today.

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You see we're moving to Sydney in 8 months time from about the remotest town I could be in as a 'Jew' in New South Wales Australia.

We're moving to be close to the Synagogue.
Today we met the Rabbi that I and my wife hopefully will be converting with.

Oh, a little detail, some of you might not have realised is, we're choosing to be 'chosen ones' by choice (Jew by choice, convert, new comer..). we want to convert. I have some distant 'Jewishness', but not enough to get me on a mailing list, yet alone possibly to one day make aliyah to Israel.

As days go, today was Huge. We saw 'Our' Rabbi for the first time in Person. (I've been writing for about 8 months every week to him. He has been replying, showing a mountain of faith, that these 'people' will actually one day show up and present themselves as 'real people'.

We saw the Synagogue for the first time (inside) in person, and I saw the Shule's Torah roll from the Aaron Kodesh for the first time Ever.

How can that be?

Well despite, living breathing in every way I can towards being Jewish, I have never been inside a Synagogue until today. I keep Shabbat. We eat as close as Kosher as a 'Goy' can living 400 km's away from the nearest 'Kosher' butcher.
I've been Davening each day.

I only have about 15 minutes left at the internet cafe, so now that I've dropped this bomb, well I haven't got time to go into detail.

The question we are most asked is why?

Well My wife, and our three daughters and myself will be converting. This is something I imagine is quite rare. Neither of us are converting to 'be able to marry the other'.

We really are converting purely because we want to.

My eldest daughter has been learning religious education by Distance education for the last year, and she and the two younger ones were very excited to have seen inside the synagogue today.

I feel very fortunate, that 'Our' rabbi had enough vision to 'trust us, when we spoke to him so far away by phone telling him of our plans.

I'm going to my first morning prayer service at 7am in the morning, I am so excited.

And as a parting message, those of you who were lucky enough to have been born Jewish, you really are the 'chosen ones', I hope one day I may fully join you.



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