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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Hamas sinks to a new low of depravity

Ayman Taha
The article "Hamas: Bat Ayin attack a natural response to the occupation" in the Jerusalem Post shows just how low Hamas has sank in depravity. To justify the killing of a young boy and the attack of another is reprehensible.

According to JPost staff
The terror attack in the Bat Ayin settlement, in the West Bank, which killed a 13-year-old and injured a 7-year-old boy, was simply a natural response to the Israeli "occupation," a Hamas spokesperson said on Thursday.
"This attack was committed in the framework of the resistance," Ayman Taha said. "This is a reaction to the continuing occupation and the continued building of settlements."
"This is a natural reaction," he said, "especially against the backdrop of Israel attacks. We are a people occupied, and it is our right to defend ourselves and to act in every way and with every means at our disposal in order to defend ourselves."

Mr Bagel: The moral bankruptcy of Hamas is beyond the ability of imagining them as ever being willing peace partners.