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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Hezbollah: Coming to a lounge room near you

Hezbollah 's Al-Manar television channel is being broadcast into Australia. The Sydney Morning Herald features a report indicating that Al-Manar and its vitriolic Anti Semitic content is being beamed via an Indonesian company Indosat and that it is carrying talk shows, documentaries and programing dedicated to anti-Israeli, anti Western and pro militancy views.

Another troublesome aspect is that it carries children's programing and actively calls upon viewers to donate.

Australia-Israel and Jewish Affairs Council executive director Colin Rubenstein is advocating that the Australian government must approach attempts at stopping this Anti Semitic programming with creativity.

The Australian Government is awaiting a report by the Australian Communications and Media Authority into the content being broadcast by Al-Manar.

Hopefully Bagel's readers will not have to stayed tuned long to see this channel get the treatment it deserves.

Mr Bagel

Hezbollah TV 'live' in Australia

Image Ref: Nasrallah on television, Getty Images