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Saturday, 8 March 2008

Palestinian Terrorism: Tell Lies, misrepresent, celebrate the deaths of innocents...

Apparently its not enough to kill innocent children deliberately, the 8 victims of the terrorist attack at Merkaz Harav in Jerusalem were aged 15,15,16,16,18,18,19 and 26. To justify this abhorrent crime you simply need to perpetuate a plethora of lies, as quoted in YNet: Thousands Celebrate Jerusalem Attack

An Islamic Jihad spokesman Abu Ahmed told Ynet the blame for the attack lay with Israel for its operations in Gaza.
"The responsibility lies with those who killed 130 Palestinians in Gaza, most of them children," he said. "We welcome this heroic act and strengthen the hands of those who carried it out. This is only the first of many responses the Palestinian people are planning."

Most of them Children? What an disgusting lie, remember this is by an Islamic Jihad spokesman Abu Ahmed. He so easily spews forth lies, his despicable nature knows no bounds.

The spokesman, a member of the organization's military wing – the al-Quds Brigades – said Israel is "reaping what it has sown in the Strip. Those who carried out the attack have brought great pride and raised the heads of the Palestinians."
Brought great Pride? Only monsters who hand out lollies after killing innocents could ever be so malignantly evil to see this act as deserving of 'great pride'.

While the majority of the civilised world lowers their heads in collective sadness and despair at this evil its worthy to note according to Abu Ahmed, most Palestinians feel like 'raising their heads'.

In Gaza there were celebrations, and sweets were being handed out to the children of Gaza.

How can we ever be expected to reach a peace agreement with people who so wantonly celebrate death?..

Mr Bagel