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Monday, 14 January 2008

A Step back in Time

Wave after wave, the endless march of the sea

A eerie feeling, seeing what is virtually an unchanged view
of an unspoilt beach from one's youth.
My memories seem so very vivid thirty years later.

Where the sky meets the sea

Many years ago my family used to holiday in a beautiful seaside town which was rather undeveloped. These holidays hold some of the best memories I have, the time was innocent, the world was at peace and this little town was so very beautiful.

Whilst holidaying at this town 30 years ago we learnt of an amazing remote beach which was untouched, unspoilt and had the most amazing sand dunes.
It was a place of wonder and beauty.
Well yesterday I took my family to that very same beach.
It was still 'remote' and unknown, certainly not the haunt of the average tourist.
The memories came flooding back, some happy and some sad.

My parents have passed away, the dear friends we used to stay with have long passed away.

I went back to the exact house we used to holiday in, now its new owner proudly renovates it, renovating it slowly peeling away the memories and details of its previous life as a carefree house of the early seventies.

The beach was still just as beautiful, and my kids yelled with glee as each wave crashed into shore and chased there little feet trying to greedily gobble them up in the virgin sands.

All three of the girls said they had a wonderful time.. and theres the paradox will they stand on this beach 30 years from now trying to recreate moments of happiness from long ago?

Mr Bagel

Taken on a Samsung Mobile Phone


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Clouds in Australia? Hmmm... never seen one during the 10 days there ;-)

muse said...

Lovely pics, how are you?


Mr Bagel said...

STG: Very Observant Snoopy, The Australian East Coast is getting some pretty severe weather at the moment, theres a lot of Flooding in the Northern part of the state of New South Wales and heavy rain in parts of the state of Queensland.
Maybe you need a refresher visit?

Muse: Excellent!
Muse, I must say living in Civilisation has its benefits.