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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

El Guardian slips up and allows a balanced article.

'Cave Delivery'

Frankly I find myself reading the Guardian now days as a kind of conglomerate of loony left conspiracy theories, the articles in the Guardian are becoming more and more anti Israel.

I like to study issues from both perspectives and this includes those from the extremities of both sides. I usually read Al Jazeera or IRNA to get the 'terrible Zionists' point of view, but hey why waste you time with poorly translated sentences when the Guardian publishes all the 'Anti Israel' pov's one could ever hope to muster.

The commenters who leave their thoughts after a typical Guardian inflammatory anti Israel article are to say the least absolute fruit cakes.

What shocks oneself is when your reading something that is on the Guardian site yet doesn't follow the 'Jews are evil doers', 'all Israelis are cold blooded killers', 'the Poor Palestinians only want a chance' (at killing another Jew..[ed]) protocol.

The article seemed strangely balanced, or dare I say possibly pro Israeli in a degree. I wheeled back in cognitive horror, could it be? The whole cupboard of Rapid Drooling Anti Semites from the Guardian closet have all suffocated in their own faeces? no..
Seems the Occasional slip up happens and someone who isn't a raving anti Semite gets to voice an opinion.
Its an interesting read by Jonathon Spyer, and you can tell it hits a few nerves because the troglodyte frothy mouthed Guardian regulars are lining up to do what they do best..when they aren't kicking kiddies heads in that is.

I throughly recommend it, and if its been a few hours since a meal I also recommend you read the comments, just so you can assure yourself the quality of The Guardian readership is still as 'high' as ever..


Soccer Dad said...

Spyer seems to have a regular column in the Guardian. He has a home here too.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, folks, let's not get overexcited - it is not a column, he is just one of CiF regulars, which is far from the main paper - just a puppet toy of The Guardian.

And surely J. Spyer will be pro-Israeli, he is from the Gloria Center - Hertzliya.

Beaman said...

I need people like you to read the Guardian for me and then note in advance the sane articles before venturing myself, into the Guardian's lair.