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Friday, 19 October 2007

Ali Babacan and the Forty Thugs:
Is Turkey setting up its Jews to be the fall guy?

Ali Babacan,Turkish Foreign minister,
A formidable Politician in the making.

When I read the must read Bloomberg article Jews Become Targets of Turkey's Anger at U.S. Vote on Armenia ; I am amazed at the baldfaced aggression and insidious threats made to the Turkish Jewish population. For some one who is so keen to advocate that Turkey was not involved in an Armenian Genocide, Ali Babacan does himself no favors.

Not foregoing
Ali Babacan's raw intellectual power, its sad to see such a promising Politician showing signs of playing the scapegoat. His new developing focus on a populist methodology, which he has managed to previously avoid in his rise to power, is now showing some rather disturbing signs.

Is he setting up Turkish Jews to be the scapegoat in the developing controversy over Armenian claims of genocide?

First allow me to preface this discussion with somethings this post does not discuss.

This isn't a post that advocates either for or against to the existence of the claimed Armenian Genocide. Nor is this a post that in anyway is dismissive of Turkey's right to advocate in peaceful ways for its own interests

Recently there has been intense discussion within the American congress about a motion to proclaim the treatment of Armenians during the war as genocide.

There has been tremendous pressure brought upon the Jewish community in Turkey and the American diaspora to close ranks with Turkey and denounce any actions that call forth the claim of a Turkish Genocide against the Armenian people.

I find myself quite despondent of the evidence that displays Israel's willingness and some elements of the American diaspora to follow the line that Turkey is promoting.

The simple fact is, the existence of a Armenian Genocide committed by the government of Turkey has very little to do with Jews in particular.

I would be the first to advocate that as Jews we should be exceptionally vigilant against any motions or actions which could hide genocide.

Yet the ultimate question of there being any basis to the claims of Armenians being victims to a Genocide committed by the Turks is rather a question for Turkey, Armenians and the World's historians and academics.

Its not a question that should be played out in the political arena, nor the political arena of other countries, and its certainly not a question that should hold another country's foreign policy to ransom.

But in stating this, there has been a obvious question that has come to the forefront of ones consciousness.

Why does Turkey act so swiftly and tellingly to cease any kind of debate that discusses this genocidal question?

What is there to fear? If there was no genocide then bringing an academic, objective based, scrutiny to the subject will lay the matter to rest qucikly and efficiently, if this is the case as Turkey so ably advocates it is so.

Why is Turkey who aspires to join the European Union, a union that is established on a premise of transparency and human rights, so wanting to stifle debate? Especially a debate which needs to initiate, so as lurking question of an Armenian genocide can be resolved.

If find it very disturbing the recent comments by Mr Ali Babacan in regards to the 'Jewish' Obligation to ensure that the American congress isn't able to pass the motion of a Armenian Genocide. They contain barely hidden references to repercussions towards the Turkish community if this piece of legislation is able to be passed in Congress.

The question arises, why is Turkey so willing to risk its allegiance to the US and Israel, in its attempt to stifle debate?

I can't ignore the historical basis of co operation between Turkey and the West, but this is the exact opposite kind of behavior one would expect of a country who claims there is no basis to the claims of genocide.

The use of Fear and intimidation against a minority within the Turkish population is hardly something that would reassure the rest of the world a Turkish genocide did not happen.

In fact putting it quite clearly, its the threat of violence and intimidation which raises more questions than answers.

I feel for the Turkish Jewish population.

I also feel Armenians, the Armenian's deserve the opportunity to raise these issues so the World and Turkey may face historical facts no matter how dark they may or may not be.

The ultimate truth is, as Jews we can't stand by and allow Ali Babacan and his AKP henchmen to threaten us, if he doesn't get what he wants. To do so would be a dishonor on the memory of all those that suffered in the Shoah.

When we say never again, we should mean never again for all peoples.

Political considerations and convenience should not influence our decisions on what is right or wrong.

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

Stop being a stupid ass. The Iranian people have no quarrel with Jews or Israelis. In fact, most Iranians would like to see Iran and Israel be friends again like the time of the Shah, because Iran's real enemy are Sunni Arabs, not Jews, not Israel. The Shah understood this. Arab hatred of Persians is ancient, and particularly Sunni Arabs who see Persians as Shia heretics, thirst after Iranian blood.
As an Iranian I think Iran's foreign policy is disastrous, since it is in Iran's best interest to be Israel's ally. Iran and Israel are natural allies, because they are both surrounded by a huge Sunni Arab world that cannot stand the thought of a non-Arab Jewish state in the Middle East, any more than it can stand the thought of a non-Arab Persian SHIA state in its midst. Palestinians are Sunni Arabs who deep down inside hate Iranians, and they accuse Iran of "being the cause of Sunni suffering in Iraq", a ridiculous charge that holds no water. Palestinians call Saddam, the murderer of thousands of Iranians, Shias and Kurds (who are Sunni like the Palestinians, but non-Arab and of Iranian stock), a "hero". Saddam a "hero"? And we Iranians are putting Iran in danger for these Palestinians who glorify Saddam even after his hanging?
Israel never gave Iran any trouble before Khomeini for no reason whatsoever began picking a fight with her. Israel has never claimed Iranian land, but Arabs have and continue to do so, be it Khorramshahr which they call "Muhammarah", Ahvaz which they call "Al-Ahwaz", Khuzestan which they call "Arabistan", the Persian Gulf which they have renamed "Arabian Gulf" and Arabs also claim Iran's three islands in the Gulf, Lesser and Greater Tunb and Abu Musa.
Iran's rulers are stupid jerks who have never stopped to for a second to use their brains, and ask themselves, even if Iran were to help "liberate Jerusalem", would the fanatic Shia-hating Sunni Palestinians allow Shia Muslims whom they consider heretics to pray inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque which is a Sunni mosque?
Israel did not wage war against Iran for eight years, and rain down Scuds on Iranian cities (the Arabs did). Israel is not killing Iranian pilgrims in Karbala and an-Najaf (in front of Shia holy shrines), Sunni Iraqi Arabs are.
At the same time, you Israelis need to stop being so arrogant and talking down to the Iranian people. Our people are being held hostage by the tyrants who are ruling Iran, we don't need you people to add to our pain.