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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Pope Benedict XVI revives old Latin Mass
Including a prayer to convert Jews

Latin mass a 'body blow to Catholic-Jewish relations,'

VATICAN CITY -- Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday removed restrictions on celebrating the old Latin mass, reviving a rite all but swept away by the reforms of the Second Vatican Council.

The decision, a victory for traditional, conservative Roman Catholics, came over the objections of liberal-minded Catholics and angered Jews because the Tridentine mass contains a Good Friday prayer for their conversion.

Benedict issued a document authorizing parish priests to celebrate the Tridentine rite if a ''stable group of faithful'' requests it.

The Anti-Defamation League called the move a ''body blow to Catholic-Jewish relations,'' the Jewish news agency JTA reported.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center urged Benedict to point out publicly that such phrases ''are now entirely contrary to the teaching of the church.''

In reviving the rite, Benedict was reaching out to the followers of an excommunicated ultratraditionalist, the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who split with the Vatican over Vatican II.

Mr Bagel: I'm sure Jews will start burning down churches any day now, seems its so much easier to take actions that are seen to be anti Jewish than Anti Islamic. A rumor that Mel Gibson will be guest officiating the First Latin Mass has not been substantiated.

UPDATE: Although I'm not a Catholic theologian, and have little interest in Catholic prayers, I actually bothered to read the English translation of the Latin Mass. I've been informed by a commenter on my blog,[thankyou to bryan] that the particular offending prayer which is featured in the Latin Mass is only ever read during the Easter Triduum, and will not be read due to a Papal prohibition of not reading the Latin Mass during
the Easter Triduum. If this is the case then the prohibition is noteworthy.

It is also of worthy note thou, that the return and usage of the Latin Mass by some in the Catholic Church, may indicate a return to a more 'ultra conservative' dogma, which may be viewed by some warily.

Chicago Sun Times: Latin Mass a 'body blow to catholic - Jewish relations,' group says


hearth tablets said...

Mr Bagel not a shock here. Mr. Benedict is nothing more than an old style Catholic Pope from the 17 C.E. It is his way of demonizing Jews.

chaim rosenthal said...

Wow!!! This just prooves that we as Jews always need to be ready and pack our bags to move to Israel. Please G-d we'll be there soon.

Bryan said...

Mr. Bagel,

Thank you for commenting on this topic. However, there is one important piece of information you should know.

The prayer that the Anti-Defamation League is concerned about (along with other people who want to accuse the Pope of being Anti-Jewish) was used exclusively during the Good Friday Mass, which is during the Easter Triduum... the only three days of the year where the Pope has prohibited the use of the "Old Latin Mass." Thus, that prayer will NOT be read in any Catholic Church.

Please add a post explaining this so that religious intolerance against Catholics for alleged bigotry will not perpetuate.

Thank you.

Bryan said...


Thanks a lot for the correction. I really appreciate it. Cool blog btw, I'll come back to check it out.