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Friday, 20 January 2006

Another 'I almost won a Darwin award - posthumously'

Its no State secret that Russians have a fondness for Alcohol. It would seem one particular Russian needs to lay of the Vodka. The effects of alcohol on one's judgement has usually been witnessed by most.

It seems that alcohol and visiting the local Zoo are not a good mixture. Why is it that idiots get fully charged on booze and then all of a sudden feel compelled to 'talk to the animals' ?

It rarely ends well, as a one drunk visitor to a Siberian zoo found out recently.

The unidentified man, raised to new 'spiritual' levels, decided that Tigers really are just big pussy cats, he climbed into one of the enclosures at the world-renowned Novosibirsk zoo in southern central Russia. The tiger's one, to be exact.

Once in there, he was struck with the brilliant idea of sharing his crisps with the tiger.

It seems all would have gone quite well if there was a couch and the Football was on the TV. Unfortunately for our Russian friend, the couch, TV and football were missing and the tiger seemed to prefer al la carte Russian to potato chips.

It seems that the chips in the packet weren't nearly as big as the chip on the gentleman's soulder.

Luckily,he escaped without too many serious injuries, and he has stated 'that he has no plans to file a complaint about the zoo's failure to stop him climbing into a tiger's cage and offering it crisps.'

'There are no claims against the tiger either,' noted zoo director Rostislav Shilo.

The director also denied that the Siberian zoo was able to prevent a determined person from getting into the animal enclosures. 'This is the visitor's choice: He can put his head on a train track, or he can go in with the tiger,' he said.

Too think the victim was within an arms length of a prestigous Darwin award.

Another Recent attack

If you consider the recent episode where a San Francisco Zoo keeper was attacked and her arm seriously injured, this man is very lucky indeed.

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